1. Meet up at Clarke Quay MRT
2. Proceed to Central mall for breakfast (Burger King/Subway)
3. Walk to Coleman bridge (New Bridge Road)
4. We will then take pictures/videos at Raffles' landing site, Cavenagh bridge and Fullerton building.
5. Take a Photo/Video for a panoramic view of Singapore river at Cavenagh bridge (Near Asian Civilization Museum)

For more details about getting there, click here.


-Clarke Quay MRT at 9am
-Estimated end time: 11am-12pm

Things to bring:

-Camera (Darryl I recommend to bring yours for panoramic view)
-Water bottle
-Extra batteries (Just in case camera runs out of power)

*We could also can have an Ice-cream break if you guys want, before we go to Asian Civilization Museum.


-Online discussion using photographic evidences, and answer this question: Do you think the shape course of Singapore River will change in the future? Justify your answers.

At Asian Civilization Museum

  • Identify a civilization and find out how people in that civilization deal with their constraints?
  • We will concentrate on China.
  • How did their responses contribute to the social, cultural and technological changes that occurred in Asia?
  • In the “chosen” gallery, select three artefacts of your choice.
  • Record your information of each identified artefact in the following format:
  • What is the artefact?
  • Photograph of artefact
  • What is the function of this artefact?
  • Identify and explain the 3 differences to its modern day version? Explain your answer.
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