At the Asian Civilisations Museum

1st Artifact:

This picture shows a wine cup used in China during the ancient days. The size has evolved into a modern day plastic container and the wine cup is replaced with just a small curved cup.

2nd Artifact:

This picture is a Chinese Stamp. It has evolved into a chop with ink, and the size should be the around the same.

3rd Artifact:

This picture is a Chinese Brush. It has evolved into a ball-point pen with ink and it is much thinner in size.

Photo Gallery/Sildeshow

4 landmarks which include Raffles Landing Site, Parliament House, Cavenagh Bridge and Fullerton Building (Now known as Fullerton Hotel)

Group Photo of us along the Singapore River (Credits to Pei Shan for taking a picture for us)

Some statues and metal structures along the river path (E.g Kulis, kittens and trishaw puller)


Set group members to co-authors of this blog.



1. Meet up at Clarke Quay MRT
2. Proceed to Central mall for breakfast (Burger King/Subway)
3. Walk to Coleman bridge (New Bridge Road)
4. We will then take pictures/videos at Raffles' landing site, Cavenagh bridge and Fullerton building.
5. Take a Photo/Video for a panoramic view of Singapore river at Cavenagh bridge (Near Asian Civilization Museum)

For more details about getting there, click here.


-Clarke Quay MRT at 9am
-Estimated end time: 11am-12pm

Things to bring:

-Camera (Darryl I recommend to bring yours for panoramic view)
-Water bottle
-Extra batteries (Just in case camera runs out of power)

*We could also can have an Ice-cream break if you guys want, before we go to Asian Civilization Museum.


-Online discussion using photographic evidences, and answer this question: Do you think the shape course of Singapore River will change in the future? Justify your answers.

At Asian Civilization Museum

  • Identify a civilization and find out how people in that civilization deal with their constraints?
  • We will concentrate on China.
  • How did their responses contribute to the social, cultural and technological changes that occurred in Asia?
  • In the “chosen” gallery, select three artefacts of your choice.
  • Record your information of each identified artefact in the following format:
  • What is the artefact?
  • Photograph of artefact
  • What is the function of this artefact?
  • Identify and explain the 3 differences to its modern day version? Explain your answer.


View Singapore River in a larger map

We will be going along this route, walking past Asian Civilization Museum. To get a clearer picture, Click Satellite Imagery.

    Group Members

    Benz Kew | S2-02 | 09
    Cheng Hao En | S2-02 | 10
    Darryl Lam Wei Cheng| S2-02 | 11
    Goh Jia Sheng | S2-02 | 12